Tom Brown

Meet Tom Brown

Industrial Advisor
With customer service expertise and a diverse background in industrial manufacturing and processing, Tom offers clients an insider’s perspective and facility guidance that considers the entire manufacturing process, from raw material procurement and quality control to final product packaging and distribution. Having held positions ranging from Quality Assurance Technician to Vice President of Operations at a range of manufacturing and processing companies, Tom understands the impact facility design has on the budgeting process and product quality, while also recognizing the need to limit downtime and maintain continuous operation of facilities.

Articles by Tom Brown


Industrial Tetris

The process of creating and packaging manufactured goods, as we all know, can be incredibly complex, requiring long, large, or cumbersome series of equipment to complete the task. In a business where time is money, each manufacturer’s facility layouts are paramount to their operation’s success.


Are We Counting the (Cage-Free) Chickens before they Hatch?

Following recent announcements from national and international chains like McDonald's, Costco, Panera Bread, SUPERVALU, and retail leader Walmart on commitments to source cage-free eggs, egg industry producers are scrambling to plan their next steps into uncharted market territories.